Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jeffrey Campbell i love you

Ok so the 1st time I spotted a Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe in a magazine all my shoe dreams became a reality! A big high, glam, sexy, a little clumsy goofy looking shoe boot that look and feel amazing, so comfy because your foot is actually flat in them not on a slant. They go with pretty much anything and come in a huge range of amazing colours and prints! I spent around £120 on mine from Office there range is growing which is great they now have 2 stands with a range of different style JC’s. Next id like some glittery ones!

And I didn’t stop there…and they were not glittery. Even better, studded! There called the Tawny shoe, available in black and beige. I preferred the beige for summer time and I always tend to buy black things so thought I would make a change. I love these shoes not just because they are ‘fierce & dangerous!’ but because they have 2 anklet like straps that fasten around your ankle with Velcro, I am always wearing lots of holiday anklets so I love the feeling of having 2 studded and spiked ones on with these amazing shoes! They are not as comfy as the Litas are as they do put your foot on quite a slant but who cares no pain no gain, by far my best pair of heels I own, can not wait to get my 1st wear out of them this weekend!


  1. Love the post darling, Jeffrey Campbells...I loveeee ♥

    Eda x

  2. Jeffrey Campbells are just heaven, need to invest in a pair asap! lovely blog :)


  3. I agree there the best! Thank you :) x

  4. They are fierce! I'm also a fan of JC. My tan studded boots are from They also have black, brown, and teal.


  5. I'll check them out thanks x