Thursday, 14 June 2012

Natural Beauty

I am about to share with you a few of my hair & skin care must have products
along with tips and tricks on how i use them so relax & take some
time to pamper yourself girls! Enjoy :)

I will start with hair as this is my job and passion. So girls have you ever
taken things a little too far and your hair hasnt been able to handle it?
Maybe it was too much colour, blowdrying, curling,
straightening along with irregular cuts? We have all been there, split end central!!
And worst thing is you are trying to grow your hair, you want long
flowing shiney locks.
Well listen up...the photo above is of a hair care collection
that I invested in recently & it has worked wonders! My hair has gone
from feeling over processed, dull, lifeless and split to having
a high shine & feeling smooth, soft and split end free! 
I put this down to using my new products properly & religiously &
also the fact that they are natural & made from pure plant 
extracts, no chemicals are in these bottles and there
for are not polluting your hair! Perfect! 
So use these products in the order they are stood in the photo
shampoo first twice then rinse, towel dry your hair, apply the treatment 
leave on for around 20 mins then rinse, towel dry then add conditioner for 
the same amount of time as you shampoo'd your hair, finally rinse with
cool water for extra shine, towel dry your hair then add
the daily hair repair styling leave in treatment before you blowdry!
Trust me, you wont be disapointed! 

Now onto skincare...up until recently i have totally abused my skin by
being a baby wipe worshiper, thats all id ever use just baby wipes no moisturiser
no deep clensers, nothing! And with the occasional sunbed, 
applying make up everyday etc etc this was not good! My skin looked clean but
to be honest not great! I went to seek advice from someone who
specialised in skin care & she said by using baby wipes every
morning & evening I was cleaning the surface of my skin and make up off
but pushing the left over make up deep into my pores 
causing the odd angry spot every now and again and unsightly blackheads which
i hate! I wanted to be as close as i could get to the airbrushed girls
in the magazines and i have learnt it is kind of possible (kind of haha) with the
right products for your skin type and good use of them :)
My skin type is oily to normal so I was reccomended the AVEDA tourmaline
range which consisted of a clenser, exfoliant, toner and a moisturiser.
All new to me as ewww as it sounds! 
Same goes for these AVEDA products no harmful chemicals, all natural so your
skin with respond to them well, our bodys do not respond
to fake scents or additives which means our bodys have to work
hard to get rid of them. On the other hand natural scents, colours and 
ingredients work in sync with our bodys we accept them and they do us good :)
I use the products again in the order they are stood in the photo &
the order I introduced them in above.
Making sure I use warm water to open my pores before clensing and cold water
to rinse off my clenser to close my pores. Then pat my face
dry with a clean towel then go onto use my exfoliant with a piece of
clean cotton wool, spritz the toner across my face and neck (very refreshing)
leave that to dry naturally then moisturise :)
I do this morning and night.
Very easy and beneficial I have noticed a huge change in my skin,
 Happy days!
Thanks for reading, Natural Beauty's X



  1. These products look and sound amazing!!

    1. There great highly reccomend them :) x

  2. great review! xx

  3. Thanks for the tips! :) I always have hair issues yet I never put a real effort into making it look good...right now, I have a horrible haircut but as soon as it gets back to normal, I hope I can learn to style it better.